JOBA (Joven Orquesta Barroca de Andalucía)


JOBA is a pedagogical project that aims to arouse in young andalusian musicians a sincere interest in baroque music, as well as teaching them different musical traditions, genders and performing practices at that time in a historically documented manner.

Auditions take place every two years and the members of the project are selected by the different teachers in charge of each one of the sections, all of them prestigious performers in this type of repertoire.

JOBA is formed by 6 first violins, 6 second violins, 4 violas, 3 cellos, 2 double basses and two harpsichord players. Israel Fausto Martínez is the appointed teacher for this project in the continuo section, together with Alejandro Casal (harpsichord) and Juan Francisco Padilla (lute).

Cuarteto Bética

Emerges in Seville as a result of the new era in the Orquesta Bética de Cámara, founded by Manuel de Falla.

The members of the quartet are both the concertmasters of the OBC and the solo cello, together with the chief conductor of the orchestra, Michael Thomas, founder and first violin of the internationally acclaimed Brodsky Quartet.

The repertoire of the Betica String Quartet covers a great spectrum of styles, due to the versatility of the performers and their sincere interest in bringing together all sorts of different artistic disciplines.




Flamenco is a celebration of mixture. This was the leit motif that moved bailaor Andrés Marín when the Flamenco Biennale of Seville commissioned him this “performance”. He worked together with two outstanding bailaoras, the American Cristina Hall and the latin-african Ana Perez. But in Monochrome is mainly the music of Israel Fausto Martinez and his cello that brings them together. They move around different spaces, but gather in a common land. From this encounter flamenco emerges, with lyrical and sensual accents, in a whole oda to the beauty of the female dancer.

Orquesta Bética de Cámara

Since 2010 Israel Fausto Martínez Melero is appointed solo cello of this new ear that started in the Orquesta Betica de Cámara (OBC), founded in 1924 by Manuel de Falla. This renovated orchestra, whose members are some of the most prestigious musicians living in Andalusia looks back to the essence of Manuel de Falla in their concert programs and artistic goals, all conducted by Michael Thomas. The orchestra has a full agenda of concerts in different halls around Spain, as well as a regular season in Seville.