Ishbilia Ensemble

A representative sample of the most internationally recognized Spanish Repertoire through a personal and unique visual language.

Ishbilia Ensemble comes from the initiative of two internationally reckoned artists living in Seville, the pianist Tommaso Cogato and the cellist Israel Fausto Martínez. Both of them share a sincere interest in the creation of new and original projects. This one includes the collaboration of the extraordinary bailaora Cristina Hall, with whom Israel Fausto Martínez has collaborated in the show Monocromo, premiered in the Bienal de Flamenco of Seville 2014 and that as well opened the International Dance Festival of Marseille 2015.

The selected music aims to represent the most internationally reckoned Spanish repertoire. Though inspired in the traditional Spanish musical culture, each one of these works reaches far much more imaginative and personal languages in the hands of each one of their creators, and that is the leitmotif under the show when it comes to the fact of including dance. The main goal is that the dance comes out from the same essence that inspires the music, coming together both of them through a free choreography.