J. S. Bach. Suites for solo cello BWV 1007-1012.
Interpretation, History, Mysteries and Symbolism.

Why does this music has such essential meaning in the life of Israel Fausto Martínez? Performing the 6 Suites for cello solo by J. S. Bach BWV 1007-1012 is not only a keystone in the career of any cellist, this group of compositions still fascinates historically to performers, composers, musicologists and music lovers all around the world. Full of symbology and multiple wonders due to their variety, they stand as an example of the unique and visionary genius talent of J. S. Bach, that took in their composition the basic models of different court dance parameters. Almost forgotten over almost 200 years as manuscripts with no musical value per se, Pablo Casals found them in a music shop in Barcelona by chance and claimed them as masterpieces for our musical world, practicing them daily with great veneration until his death.

The show created by Israel Fausto Martínez combines the interpretation of this music with a tale about concrete moments in Bach´s life, with details about the history, symbology and mysteries that go together with this music since it was created, interacting also with the audience. Israel Fausto Martínez is Doctor in Philosophy by the University of Seville, and his thesis is based on these complete works by Bach, with several books published on this field, as well as a complete recording of the 6 Suites that since it was released in 2010 has been applauded by both the audience and specialized critics. Through this show the performer and pedagogue aims to explain some of the enigma, symbols and characteristics of these master works, combining the libretto line with the music itself created by the genius of Eisenach.

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